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Our Leadership Team


Nicholas Cassell


Nick Cassell is the Chief Executive Officer of Austere International Healthcare L.L.C. He brings over 14 years of international healthcare and management experience to the organization. Previously, Nick has worked as a staff nurse, director of nursing, executive director, and corporate operations specialist, overseeing hundreds of employees and handling multi-million dollar accounts.


Nick also has over 15 years of experience serving in the United States Army Reserves. He has leadership experience deploying multiple times, supporting special operations. Nick earned his nursing license through the U.S. military. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from Lorain County Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Applied Sociology from Lewis University, a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from the College of Lake County, and a Master of Agriculture in International Agriculture from Oklahoma State University. He is currently teaching at The Ohio State University while working on his Ph.D., focusing on Food Security, Health, and Global Conflict.


Angela Young, RN


Angela is a dedicated healthcare professional who has devoted her career to providing quality care and exceptional service to those in need. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, she has a unique skill set that allows her to care for and effectively communicate with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals.


She has spent the last 8 of her 13 years as a nurse working nationwide and gaining invaluable experience from each new travel assignment. Angela has simultaneously served as an Officer in the US Army Reserves for the last 10 years, honing her skills in leadership and management. Her leadership experience providing care while deployed in Afghanistan further enhances the expertise she brings to this organization. Angela is committed to lifelong learning and is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of healthcare leaders.

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